Black Girl Bucket List Party

Thinking about what we truly want out of life can be overwhelming and feel out of reach. That’s where creating a bucket list can help. Simply put, a bucket is a collection of goals, dreams, and aspirations you want to accomplish within your lifetime. Creating a bucket list can be mentally beneficial, as it can help you focus on what you aspire to experience and achieve, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, create a sense of fulfillment, and can be a motivating visual. In addition, creating bucket lists makes for a fun group self-care activity. Take it from Shaina, who previously did this activity with her friends.

Melanin Queen Card Self-Care Bucket List Activity

On Thursday, July 13, we held an event to join other women to dream big and do our self-care card activity, #21 Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams. We kicked off the event by sharing what is a bucket list and the benefits of creating one. Then we reflected using these questions to prepare to create our bucket lists:

  • What makes me feel fulfilled?
  • What interests me?
  • What makes my soul happy? 
  • What is something new I want to try?
  • What do I want to get out of these experiences?
  • Is there a new place I want to visit?
  • Is there a person I want to meet?
  • Is there a long-term goal I want to achieve?

After reflecting, it was time for the fun part, creating it! Everyone chose to create a digital bucket list using our templates. When it came time to share, we actually discovered we had the same wishes on our bucket list such as visiting Zanzibar and going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Other women shared their desires, which included obtaining a real estate license, going to Bali, and completing DIY projects to make a dream home.

We also spoke on the importance of always trying to live out our dreams no matter what life may throw at us. As Tianna put it, a bucket list can serve as a northern star to keep us going no matter what.

If you’re interested in making a bucket list, below is a list of what's needed:

Physical Bucket List:

  • Paper and pen
  • Index cards
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Clothes clips
  • Mini tin bucket
  • Arts ‘n craft items (if you want to decorate your bucket)

Digital Bucket List:

  • Microsoft Word, Canva, or other program (if you want to use a template). You can use our Canva templates.

Check out Pinterest for inspiration and feel free to tag @melaninqueencreative if you share your bucket list on social media!



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