Finding Peace in Painting

For September, Melanin Queen Creative hosted our first paint ‘n sip after being inspired from reading a woman’s testimony in How We Heal on using painting to heal. We originally planned to host outdoors to go with our self-care card activity, #36 Be One With Nature, but the weather was not on our side with Hurricane Ophelia. We didn’t let this rain on our parade though. We were able to take the fun inside thanks to PJ’s Coffee, a Black-owned coffee shop in Bowie, Md.


Being cozy indoors at PJ’s with good coffee, having good conversations, and hearing the relaxing rain was perfect. We kicked things off with a sound bath meditation led by our own, Tianna Christine. Then each attendee picked a journal prompt to reflect on, which included:

  • I am loving myself by…
  • I thank myself for...
  • I will feel moments of joy by...
  • I am most proud of...

Journal prompt at paint 'n sip

Then it was time to paint our beautiful canvases and take in the soothing sound of the rain. Painting can be such a fun and relaxing way to practice mindfulness while creatively expressing yourself. It was nice to see how each woman’s painting reflected their personality and style.

 Black Girl Paint 'n Sip Self Care Event

"I enjoyed the mindful painting event you guys hosted. Thanks for creating that space so beautifully and bringing us together. It was a good time!" - Keisha

We thank everyone for attending, including our friends and family, who were patient and flexible with plans changing. We look forward to doing this again!

If you would like Melanin Queen Creative to host a self-care event, please contact us.

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