Recap: MQC Black Girl Gratitude Event

MQC held our Black Girl Gratitude event on March 23 to celebrate Women’s History Month. This event focused on our self-care activity card, #29, Show Gratitude, where we wrote a letter to a woman who has been a positive influence.

The event kicked off with intention setting led by MQC co-owner, Tianna, who guided us on a breathing exercise as we reflected on the intention word, “Trust.” Then we discussed what gratitude is and how meaningful a letter to express gratitude can mean to someone, especially a handwritten one.


“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”


Handwritten letters are such a lost art form and can be just as meaningful even if you keep to yourself to reflect on. After this, we took time to reflect on questions to help guide us in writing our letter of gratitude:

  • What qualities do admire about this woman?
  • What has this woman taught you?
  • What makes this woman special?
  • Is there a quote this woman said that resonates with you?
  • How did this woman shape who you are?
  • How did this woman help you get to where you are today?


Then the highlight of the event, writing our letters of gratitude. One woman wrote a letter to herself to celebrate how far along she’s come with her business. Another woman chose to write a letter to her mother, who transitioned, to express how much her mother meant to her now that she’s a mother herself. MQC co-owner, Andrea, chose to write a letter to Nina Simone to express admiration for how Nina embraced her Blackness and whose quote: “I'll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear,” has stayed with her.

MQC co-owner Andrea gratitude letter to Nina Simone

MCQ co-owner, Tianna, wrote a letter to her dear friend, Deidra Ramos, who passed away from breast cancer. Tianna shared how much she looked up to Deidra like a second mother and a role model in her life, being the first Black woman she personally knew who made 6 figures.

MQC co-owner Tianna's gratitude letter to Deidra Ramos


We thank everyone who took the time to join us for this lovely event.

 "I plan to write a letter to my Mom. I am sure that I have not thanked her enough for all the ways that she has inspired, uplifted and carried me over the years. Thank you for reminding me to share this gratitude with her.💗"
- Kimberley 


Our next event, Black Girl Meetup: National Poetry Month Edition, will take place in person on Saturday, April 29 in Bowie, Md. Register today if you will be in the area! If you are interested in having MQC host a virtual or in-person event for your group of friends or network, please contact us.

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