6 Spring Activities for Black Women | Self Care & Mindfulness

Spring is in full effect and the perfect time to get refreshed and rejuvenated, even if a restart is needed. This month’s mantra speaks to this: “I will live life in full bloom.”

Try out these activities to fully take in the spring season and live in full bloom:

1.   Host an outside picnic

Hosting an outdoor picnic with family and friends can be a cute way to welcome in spring. Use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration on theme and decorations to ensure it's photo worthy. Encourage your friends to also dress up with the theme. This can be the perfect way to discuss your experience doing an activity from our #melaninqueencards!

2.   Do a photo walk 

Visit a park or place with fresh flowers. Take photos of the newly bloomed flowers and maybe even a few selfies.

Melanin Queen Creative Spring Season Self-Care Activities

3.   Tour your own city

Look up local museums or experiences in your city. This is one of our favorite activities and is featured in (No. 2 #melaninqueencards).

4.   Reorganize and refresh your space

Spring signals the start of spring cleaning and decluttering. 

5.   Start a garden

Gardening can be a good way to relax, decompress, and feel accomplished once you see what you planted start to sprout.  

6.   Do a cleanse

Shed some of that winter weight and reset your palette with a juice cleanse.

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